For us, our philosophy is a way of life...
We are here to serve, delight and wow our clients.


We always keep our ears to the ground to ensure that we are up to date with the latest trends, but pride ourselves in deviating from trends and starting our own. We like to uncover the newest methods, achieve the impossible and take our clients and their audiences to a deeper level than they would ever dream. Somewhere along the journey, we meet old friends and have the pleasure of doing what we love – creating experiences.

Relationships, friendships and experiences … they are the start and end of everything great in this world and Attolo Staff believe that there is no ONE there is always a TEAM who LOVE what they do.


We have clients who are interested in going beyond the norm, in digging deeper than the usual, in understanding more than the average and accepting our philosophy of "no is not our answer".

AND finally we embrace and love that our clients come back again and again and become part of our family… Our door is never closed and our family will never be too big!!

*Our culture at Attolo is one of laughter, spirited conversation and great people. We are dreamers, hopeless romantics, philanthropists, volunteers and doers. We love our work, we love our clients and we love the end result.

Event Design and Management

Be it for a small meeting or large scale conference in the UK or Worldwide our approach to event management is, first, to understand the reasons why you are staging an event. Allowing us to create and manage events to fulfil objectives and exceed expectations.

Our level of involvement is up to you; we can totally manage the event taking on all the arrangements or just take on elements of the event. Either way we will work closely in partnership with you providing the perfect event management service.

The world is our oyster and a place where we make magic happen. Whether you are looking for an exclusive dinner in one of the world’s oldest temples or you need a 5,000ppl event happen in New York – the team at Attolo will make it happen, from concept to final execution.

The experiences we create appear elegant and simple, but the secret to achieving elegant simplicity is going that extra mile. The team at Attolo believe great work is the result of a myriad of curious minds, relentless research, ruthless pursuit of perfection, wonderful relationships and lest we forget many cups of strong espresso.

Event Marketing

Our in house creative production team will work with you to establish the key event message, delivering every element of the event in line with this. We work on building a relationship of trust with our clients creating a shared ambition that enables us to exceed our client expectations. Whatever your event the Attolo creativity will add real value; producing exciting, inspiring, innovative, and aspirational event production. Elevating your expectations.

International Speaker Events

Venue Sourcing

  • UK and overseas venue finding
  • Tailored rfp’s to suit clients needs
  • Quick response times
  • Organise site inspections
  • Provisionally hold options
  • Negotiate rates
  • Negotiate contract & payment terms
  • One dedicated contact


Project Management

  • Destination and Venue Finding
  • Strategy and Concept Development
  • Creative Event Production
  • Budget Control
  • Payments and Reconciliation
  • Event Planning, Programming and Scheduling


Project Management

  • On-Site Event Management and Staffing
  • Logistics and Operations
  • Audio Visual Production
  • Communications and Marketing
  • Post Event Analysis


Preferred Suppliers



Business benefits from good design

Harness the power of good design to build brands, products, services and a working culture that will make your business stand out in the marketplace.

Lighthouse create integrated campaigns and design for brand, online, onscreen, video, exhibitions and events. We are a multi-disciplinary graphic design company providing specialist creative communications solutions for a range of UK and international clients.


Event Services

  • Event Filming
  • Live Streaming
  • Event Branding
  • Interactives
  • Event Apps
  • Motion Graphics


Pauline Hailstones - Profile

Events and Marketing Manager with over 15 years of domestic and international experience in corporate event planning, destination management and large-scale event production with an established reputation of: managing projects from conception, through development to implementation. Pauline specializes in supporting her clients with a variety of services that include: strategy on content and messaging, consulting on branding/rebranding campaigns, building integrated marketing and promotional plans.

Along with this comes the ability to relate effectively to a wide range of people and a great connection with an integrated global network of contacts and resources in the event industry including speakers, suppliers, hotels, venues, DMCs and specialized sub-contractors.

Her passion is creating experiences, she loves this industry and loves her clients.


Pauline is a very caring and genuine individual, a professional event planning Executive that is deeply committed to any project she takes on. Your typical workaholic, Pauline loves this industry and is an excellent business partner to the vendors she works with, delegating well and supervising in a way that allows everyone to bring their very best to the table. She is skilled at getting the best for her clients and maintaining excellent relationships in the industry... which says a lot. She's worked with most demanding CEO's and companies and yet remains amiable (even in times of stress) to effectively communicate all logistics in a way that sets everyone up for success!

We are thrilled to work with Pauline and consider her a most valued client but even more a friend that all our DMCs look forward to working with and working hard for, to create spectacular events!

Rachel Elliot
Vice President,
Hosts Global Alliance

My very first speaking engagement was at Steve Farber's Extreme Leadership Summit in 2013. I was nervous. A disastrous presentation would have set my career back months if not disillusioned me completely. Pauline was running this event for Steve. She gave me great advice, took me through all the preparatory steps and that led to a totally successful experience. I couldn't have asked for a more supportive or knowledgeable person to have guided me through a very challenging ordeal.

Her post presentation analysis also has become a part of my presentation 'tool box'.

I have gauged all event coordinators against Pauline's expertise since then. She set a standard which has yet to be matched.

John French
Founder/guitar player/manager of Twisted Sister, columnist, Speaker

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